Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Success is the Only Alternative

@AmirK25 Humm...let's first solve problems, then set goals, then set the conditions that make realizing those goals INEVITABLE! (thanks Eben and I'm not even a paying client YET!)

I'll take time tonight to write a list of my challenges/desires. Maybe you could do the same.

Maybe we could come up with solutions to those problems and make those solutions steps HAPPEN inevitably and thereby lead to the resolution/solution of those problems INEVITABLE...

1. List of Challenges & Desires...pick one to work on first!
2. Make a flow chart for the solution
3. Put the steps (each taking less than one day to complete) on a calendar
4. Figure out the conditions necessary that will make the steps happen.

Anyone interested in doing this exercise and then forming a MasterMind Alliance? We can meet on Twitter once a week. ;) Or Skype conference call...which reminds me I have some Skype minutes to tickle.

These are the challenges & desires, written as affirmations (as if they are already true) This is the outcome I elect to focus on now.

  • My behavior is congruent with my desired results.
  • My USA mail is taken care of
  • I touch palms to floor with ease
  • I generate $2,000-10,000/month income through online activity
  • I have 10 contacts in 10 countries
  • I live with plants, flowers and their fruits.
  • I am debt free.
  • My income is 100x my expenses.
  • My uterus is normal
  • I own 2,500 ounces of silver
  • I feed my subconscious carefully and generously.

Flow Chart to reach desired outcome
  1. Make a list of profit centers and revenue per transaction; Order them from high to low
  2. Establish Web 2.0 identities to market products being sold
  3. Identify/Create sales pages; Identify/Create pre-sales pages
  4. Set up Social Media to lead to pre-sales pages
  5. Set up Social Media to lead to sales pages
  1. May 24 to May 31 Profit Centers*
  2. June 1 to June 8 Web 2.0 Product Focused Identities
  3. June 9 to June 17 Identify/Create Sales & Pre-sales pages
  4. June 18 to June 25 Set up Metrics monitor and monitored links
  5. June 26 to July 3 Set up Social Media to lead to pre-sales pages
  6. July 4 to July 11 Set up Social Media to lead to sales pages

Conditions that make the outcome inevitable

(1) Morning Routine
  • Wake Up and Feel Good Envision Future Me
  • Drink about 2c/500ml water
  • Get Up and Tidy Space
  • Wash Up & Dress
  • Exercise
  • Plan Day then Take Action*
(2) Mastermind Alliance
  • Half an hour before and half an hour after 10 hour work day
  • Use structure suggested by Chicken Soup guy lol (find that today and tweet it)
(3) Become a GURU in each product area (start with one area and complete it then move to another area)
  • write an ebook, How to Get 5,000 Followers on Twitter in 30 Days
  • Begin a "list" by giving away the ebook
  • document progress in blog...self coaching lol
*How to Structure Work Day

Every Sunday plan the week's work and drop it into the appropriate area. Daily start with the first category and work for 4 hours, then move to the second category, then the the third. As things are accomplished during the week, cross them off the list. As new things come up drop them at the bottom of the list in the appropriate category. On the following Sunday. Make a new work sheet based on what still remains on the previous sheet and whatever new phase needs to be started.
  • 4 hrs Lead Generation ~Putting leads in front of Products (Driving Traffic)
  • 3 hrs Improve Conversion Rates ~Create/Improve Content & Conversion Rates
  • 3 hrs Business Management ~Administrative Tasks
*As it turns out, June 1-8 item is the only target of THAT list intended for June, see post of June 2 "My June Challenge"