Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are you an Oprah Follower On Twitter?

Ellen follows Oprah--she moved into her neighborhood, for goodness sake! Do you follow Oprah--on Twitter?

In the comments below please tell me why you DO or DO NOT follow Oprah! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tweet Automation...Really?

Today I eliminated everyone who I was following who was not following me. (flush)

And I added everyone who was folowing me who I hadn't returned the favor to yet. (reciprocate)

I performed these two actions with a Twitter application (Twitter app) called InRev TwitIn.

Flush~gets rid of everyone not following you
Grow~introduces you to people you might want to follow you can see their name, profile picture and number of folloers
Reciprocate~allows you to follow all those that are following you and give you the power to include or exclude people from that list. again showing profile pic, name and number of followers.

I used the Grow, too. But I like the Flush and Reciprocate best. Fom now until at least the end of this month (May 2009) I'll be flushing and reciprocating daily. :)

At the end of that process I had the same number of followers as those I was following. We were all mutually reciprocating.

Next, I set up automated thank yous and follows. If someone follows me from now on, I will automatically follow them and send them a thank you note. These two functions were accomplisted with TweetLater.


Please check the sidebar under "Twitter Applications" for "FollowFriday" an app that I used todayy with delight! :) I hope you like it.

What Twitter Apps do YOU use to streamlin your Twitter experience?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wolverine Search

Feedback from two of my wonderful twitter friends...

Micole_@SofiaMiller I went to see it today I thought it was good, graphics were good, story like was pretty good too.

tiagolviannaSo...I watched the Wolverine movie, and I liked. I thought a great movie, and I'm so excited about the next.. will be about Magnetto.Awesome

Thank you, Micole! Thank you, Tiago!

Take a look about mid-way on the right hand side of your twitter page. See that search box? Well when you enter "Wolverine" you will see all the tweets that contain that word (ordered from freshest to oldest).

Here's is a series of 3 posts I grabbed just prior to posting this using the aforementioned method:

  1. StiMp4Cks just got home from watching wolverine, mixed feelings about that movie but eh, i saw it so im satisfied. what to do now...gaaa..iguess sleep less than a minute ago from web
  2. DoucheLarue can't sleep. hope i don't get the wolverine flu. it makes steel claws shoot out of your hands. that has severed artery written all over it 1 minute ago from web
  3. astra Apparently Eva liked 'Wolverine' so much she begged me to take her to see it again this weekend. My 9yo daughter likes Wolverine. Go figure. 1 minute ago from twhirl

You can use this search technique for a myriad of purposes:
  • to chime in on what people are saying,
  • to research the current organic buzz on Twitter,
  • to find out information,
  • to identify people that may be able to help you,
  • to identify people you may be able to help,
  • to find gems worthy--from your viewpoint--of re-tweeting
etcetera :)

Today's questions...
What did YOU think of Wolverine?
What have you used the search box for recently?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am grateful for the people (and their pets) who have chosen to follow me. I am also grateful for the people who have chosen not to follow me.

I am grateful to the dozen or more people who have responded to me when I have responded to them. I am grateful to the conversations.

Then of course I am grateful for the tweets that MADE MY DAY!

ReallyShecky@SofiaMiller that's agressive, but I wouldn't be betting against you!

ReallySheckyI meant every word. You seem very goal oriented, positive, Definietly the kind of person I want to associate with! :)

TomPlant@SofiaMiller You're very welcome. You write good stuff.

thank u so much for the encouraging words I really appreciate it and it was needed. Oh & I read ur blog 2today...funny stuff

carietenzel@SofiaMiller u are awesome!!! Thanks for the words of inspiration!

JaymeROXann@SofiaMiller That is the sweetest compliment that I have ever gotten. Thank you very much. :)

sticky525@SofiaMiller thankyou very much it was a close one, got the win in the final leg woo :

KorrineB@SofiaMiller OMG you're the first person besides my sister to twitter me. Plus ur American so that's a plus

lolo_caty@SofiaMiller .. U are realy sweet girl .. loved u girl :)

Special thank you to Jennie for the photograph of her pet dog. :)

So tell me, what are YOU grateful for?
IHospitalitySam@SofiaMiller grateful for family, home, friends, health, career...
Tournantinc@SofiaMiller Grateful for Life in America.Family. Friends.Pets.Freedom.Health. Creativity.Work.Nature.Twitter mates.Google.Dubli.Military.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When you see something on Twitter that you like, that you think is worth repeating, do this:

(1) Copy and paste the entire tweet (including the author) into your "What are you doing?" (text box) THEN
(2) Type this in front of the whole thing: RT @

Here is an example.

On Sunday morning Ida wrote (tweeted):

"Mental toughness allows you to lead and keep your eye on the target. To get things done, create wins - you need clear, sharp focus".~Ida

I liked it so I put THIS in my text box:

RT @
Ida_Centoni "Mental toughness allows you to lead and keep your eye on the target. To get things done, create wins - you need clear, sharp focus".~Ida

BUT it was MORE than 140 characters so I had to modify it...This is what I actually tweeted:

RT @Ida_Centoni"Mental toughness allows you to lead, keep your eyes on target. To get things done, create wins - you need clear,sharp focus"

Special Note: there needs to be at least one space between "RT" and "@". Ther should be NO SPACE between "@" and the author. After the author there should be at least one space.

Then I sent Ida a public message telling her what I did.
@Ida_Centoni great quote...I just retweeted it (with some editing to keep it under 140. :)

And she responded, also on the public timeline:
@SofiaMiller Thank you - the under 140 thing can get a tad challenging when you talk in metaphors... LOL

So, to recap, when you notice something you like and want to share, then retweet it to all of your followers. I like to retweet inspiring and/or jaw-droppingg stuff. How about you?

You can retweet ANYTHING that YOU like. Just give credit where credit is due and let the author know what you did.

Special Note: Use your best judgement when retweeting something that was sent, "for your eyes only" so to speak, via direct messaging (DM)). Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You know the drill, I'm sure.

Okay so find something worthy of your retweeting and just do it! Leave your retweeting experience in the comments. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Do YOU Choose to Follow on Twitter

Who do YOU choose to follow on Twitter?

I follow people randomly. I follow about 200 new people every day.

Usually I am following people who have a profile picture and who, on the surface, don't seem to be rude, crude or lewd. lol

I interact with the people that appear in my timeline. That includes people that I follow, whether they follow me back or not.

Now if someone reveals something I choose not to tolerate I simply un-follow them and block them from following me.

Basically, I follow people, keep following people, with whom I enjoy conversation, from whom I am learning something or at least I do not cringe when I see their tweets.

Now YOUR turn. Who do YOU choose to follow on Twitter? Old friends, new friends, family members, work collegues, school buddies, celebrities, news broadcasters, and/or others...

By the way,
PLEASE follow Asialicious/mastera1
if she is a good fit with your criteria. :)
Last she told me, she was asking for people to follow her.
I believe she will reciprocate.
Tell her SofiaMiller sent you. :)

Who Do YOU Choose to Follow on Twitter ...and WHY?

Please answer this question candidly in the comments section. (Uh, oh. Looks like I have an issue with my templates HTML because comments are impossible to leave! Ah, too, bad. Tweet me until issue is resolved. Thanks.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oprah is Bored with Twitter...Duh

My tweets on the subject say it all:

SofiaMiller@LORI_SF She is getting tired of broadcasting on twitter. She only is following 11 people &most of them too are just broadcastiing! BORING!!

SofiaMiller@njdoc Oprah should click @Oprah and talk w/ some of the THOUSANDS of people trying to interact w/ her. No wonder she is bored!

@wdrapcho Oprah is tired of broadcasting. She only follows 11 & they're just broadcasting, too.Of course she is bored. INTERACTION is life!

Life is too short to be bored! Wake up! Folks she is not bored she is being managed, she is creating buzz. (marketing, marketing,marketing...)

For what she DOES do on Twitter an ASSISTANT could do. In fact...well more on that Friday!)

Oprah is bored with Twitter. What do YOU think?

Rudeness, Crudeness and Lewdness on Twitter

If I find someone's tweets offensive I will delete them from the list of people that I follow and I will block them so that they cannot follow me. The Empress might say, "Off with their heads." lol.

Intending to offend, shock & offend is both rude and unacceptable. (I deleted the offender so I don't have an example handy)

Profanity is too crude for me. PLUS it is downright annoying.
I just woke up....I hate unknown callers...I don't answer them shits

Lewd is a username mastura1 whose real name is Asialicious who links to a blog whose homepage is an undressed woman or one curled up looking vulnerable in a bathtub. Whatever. .
Lewd is a scantily dressed profile picture or a user name that is associated with horney women or women who sell sex or give it away. Hey, these are just my definitions. lol. No need to get worked up over this. :)

  1. Free Porn Guy-Mr SexFreePornGuy / Free Porn Guy-Mr SexThe Twitter Free Porn + XXX Hunter! This is what I do...
  2. ALLXCLUB Sex MoneyALLXME / ALLXCLUB Sex Money$100 Billion Industry, Company is 3 Months Old, Looking for Individuals Interested in being Members & Owners! Own Adult, without being in Adult!
  3. Sex StuffSexPortal / Sex StuffDiscussing, reviewing and playing with many of the sex toys that we all want! Wanna Play?
  4. Sex, Etc.Sexetc / Sex, Etc.You have questions about sex, love and relationships. Sex, Etc. has answers.
  5. sex_tips_sexysex_tips_sexy
  6. Gay sex porn moviesgay_xxx / Gay sex porn moviesFree gay sex and gay porn videos; full-length gay movies only. The best gay XXX videos and movies online.
  7. Have better Sexhavebettersex / Have better SexA group of ladies (and a couple of men!) who believe we should all have the sex we deserve!
  8. sex_onlinesex_online

The above, granted, are extremely obvious. Others, I have come across require looking at their tweet history and linked webpage to realize what's going on.

So...even though numbers are one of the things I am going for, I DO give the axe to rudeness, crudeness and lewdness.

What is unacceptable to YOU in anyone that you follow and/or that follows you?