Saturday, June 6, 2009

Open the Mind--Stretch!

Stretching & Flexibility: Types of Stretching

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Life on Twitter


How? USED TO BE day and night in whatever way I could imagine! (That´s righ-- in bed--under the covers even the way my father read comic books after the official¨"lights out" when he was a youngster) lol Yes, there was a period of maybe 2 weeks when I was on Twitter at least 15 hours in every 24! I'd wake up to tweet and fall asleep tweeting! Now, in order to keep my stats attractive to bots and to people, I use TweetLater which allows me to create tons of tweets, then have them automatically released at regular intervals in the time frame I dictate. In this way, on my public time line there is at least one tweet every hour or two, whether I am in the driver's seat or not.

My Twitter Routine 90 minutes
~used to be twice a day and INCLUDE Step (7)~

SET TIMER and START timer (90 minutes)

Check the day's post and write one or more posts for future publication. Tweet the day's new post.

Read the first page of my timeline and make adjustments as needed: e.g. responding with a tweet or with an unfollow & block. Respond to DMs & @SofiaMiller's. Biotweet a few to say TY to pepole who visit the blog, to people who RT my tweets and other followers at random.

Reciprocate all new followers that have yet to be reciprocated automatically.
Flush all non-reciprocating people who may be among the people I am following.

ONLY IF NEEDED: Read and delete all DMs. Respond as appropriate. Read all @SofiaMiller and respond as needed. Do RETWEETS HERE. Done in two clicks.

Tweet 12 health fitness tweets with link

Add about 200 to 400 (the more the better) new people to my "following" list. Listen to music or something educational during the process. (this step I do just once a day) Basically I follow DOUBLE the number that I want to folow me back. If more follow back that's great. I count on 50% however.

UPLOAD the 12 health and fitness tweets tweeted in step (6). And as time permits upload more, fresh tweets. Re-set my automation as might be needed. . Focus on health & fitness. Ideally I'd like to have 24 tweets per day pre-set. On May 28th I was up to 15/day of automated tweets.

Also during this time is opened in the event I'm inclined to write a long response to a tweet.

My Twitter Bio

Having a Twitter bio full of key words is important to attract people and robots looking for twitterers with certain interests. I am a woman of many interests however for the purpose of this account I elected to narrow my interests to health and fitness. This is my current bio.

Fitness Fanatic & Health Nut Guru (in training). Follow me; I'll follow back

  • Short and focused
  • Key words that are true, informative and energetic
  • Promise (an attractive offer)
  • Link to the list of People to Follow on Twitter which is manually updated weekly
I took my picture down and replaced it with a Twitter badge. Now I think a picture related to fitness and health is in order. Could be a picture of me engaged in some activity. But probably I won't use a picture of me because I'd rather not attract people online based on my good looks and/or my gender. ;)


I want to have a Twitter account that attracts followers because having a base of people who want to interact with me, want to hear what me have to say and want to share with me what they have to say is one of the hallmarks of social media and Twitter has become one of the main hubs of social media of late.

I am involved with social media for fun, education (both ways) and for income. Ultimately I am earning an income through my affiliation with specific vendors and products that I like, use and/or want to use.

My Public Timeline & My Use of DMs

It is in my Public Timeline that I place affiliate links at a rate of 2 to 6 per 24 hours. On that timeline I also place quotes of other people, personal thoughts and opinions, links to specific blog posts of mine and of others, BioTweets, ad hoc questions (for feedback which I end up incorpoarting into blog content) and a List of People to Follow on Twitter.

Personally I think my Public Timeline is motivating, engaging and at times both provocative and inspiring.

So my contribution to my Public Timeline is on automatic, kind of. I spend my time filling the machine which belts out the tweets at regular intervals that I pre-dictate. Also I tweet directly to twitter--Step (6) above.

When I go to twitter I clean up my DMs and respond to any DMs and @SofiaMiller items that stimulate response. Sometimes I have been moved to unfollow and block people based on what I found in these places. lol It's all good, Tweeps! I'm just on a mission and some distractions I'd rather not spend the energy ignoring. ;)

I find myself using DMs more and more because I am cultivating relationships am collaborating with individuals in a ways that don't fall into the health & fitness category. My many interests needn't all be represented in my Twitter account!


So my life on Twitter has been considerably streamlined. I love having a routine checklist and opening all the required site tabs in Firefox. I spend 90 minutes in the morning working on Twitter. I was increasing followers in a systematic and partially automated way (topic of an ebook which I am looking to produce this month--to give away) Now my followeers increase because people folow me and I reciprocate (or block, lol). Also I use Twit Pro Quo. (See Twitter Apps in the sidebar if you are not familiar with Twit Pro Quo and you want to be familiar with TwitProQuo)

Generally, I read through 1-2 pages of tweets and respond as so moved. If I find someone's tweeting annoying or offensive I weed them out. No big deal to them and more peace of mind for me. Even though I don't spend a lot of time reading my Public Timeline, I DO contribute LOTS of tweets EVERY DAY both publicly and through DM.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention: Nowadays I flush out pepole who I find myself following but not being followed back. I use InRev TwitIn (bum name, I know. Find InRev TwitIn under Twitter Apps in sidebar if you want.)

What is YOUR life on Twitter like?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mastermind Alliance

The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others. (Napoleon Hill)

The harmony comes from shared affirmations and good will. The cooperation comes from being able to brainstorm together ask for and receive input and/or advice and/or shared experience. This is also good because there is a witness and that "accountability partner" may be just the support I/you need to Get IT DONE

If you want to mastermind with me let me know. :) Send me a DM on twitter

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Success is the Only Alternative

@AmirK25 Humm...let's first solve problems, then set goals, then set the conditions that make realizing those goals INEVITABLE! (thanks Eben and I'm not even a paying client YET!)

I'll take time tonight to write a list of my challenges/desires. Maybe you could do the same.

Maybe we could come up with solutions to those problems and make those solutions steps HAPPEN inevitably and thereby lead to the resolution/solution of those problems INEVITABLE...

1. List of Challenges & Desires...pick one to work on first!
2. Make a flow chart for the solution
3. Put the steps (each taking less than one day to complete) on a calendar
4. Figure out the conditions necessary that will make the steps happen.

Anyone interested in doing this exercise and then forming a MasterMind Alliance? We can meet on Twitter once a week. ;) Or Skype conference call...which reminds me I have some Skype minutes to tickle.

These are the challenges & desires, written as affirmations (as if they are already true) This is the outcome I elect to focus on now.

  • My behavior is congruent with my desired results.
  • My USA mail is taken care of
  • I touch palms to floor with ease
  • I generate $2,000-10,000/month income through online activity
  • I have 10 contacts in 10 countries
  • I live with plants, flowers and their fruits.
  • I am debt free.
  • My income is 100x my expenses.
  • My uterus is normal
  • I own 2,500 ounces of silver
  • I feed my subconscious carefully and generously.

Flow Chart to reach desired outcome
  1. Make a list of profit centers and revenue per transaction; Order them from high to low
  2. Establish Web 2.0 identities to market products being sold
  3. Identify/Create sales pages; Identify/Create pre-sales pages
  4. Set up Social Media to lead to pre-sales pages
  5. Set up Social Media to lead to sales pages
  1. May 24 to May 31 Profit Centers*
  2. June 1 to June 8 Web 2.0 Product Focused Identities
  3. June 9 to June 17 Identify/Create Sales & Pre-sales pages
  4. June 18 to June 25 Set up Metrics monitor and monitored links
  5. June 26 to July 3 Set up Social Media to lead to pre-sales pages
  6. July 4 to July 11 Set up Social Media to lead to sales pages

Conditions that make the outcome inevitable

(1) Morning Routine
  • Wake Up and Feel Good Envision Future Me
  • Drink about 2c/500ml water
  • Get Up and Tidy Space
  • Wash Up & Dress
  • Exercise
  • Plan Day then Take Action*
(2) Mastermind Alliance
  • Half an hour before and half an hour after 10 hour work day
  • Use structure suggested by Chicken Soup guy lol (find that today and tweet it)
(3) Become a GURU in each product area (start with one area and complete it then move to another area)
  • write an ebook, How to Get 5,000 Followers on Twitter in 30 Days
  • Begin a "list" by giving away the ebook
  • document progress in blog...self coaching lol
*How to Structure Work Day

Every Sunday plan the week's work and drop it into the appropriate area. Daily start with the first category and work for 4 hours, then move to the second category, then the the third. As things are accomplished during the week, cross them off the list. As new things come up drop them at the bottom of the list in the appropriate category. On the following Sunday. Make a new work sheet based on what still remains on the previous sheet and whatever new phase needs to be started.
  • 4 hrs Lead Generation ~Putting leads in front of Products (Driving Traffic)
  • 3 hrs Improve Conversion Rates ~Create/Improve Content & Conversion Rates
  • 3 hrs Business Management ~Administrative Tasks
*As it turns out, June 1-8 item is the only target of THAT list intended for June, see post of June 2 "My June Challenge"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My June Challenge

Establish this Habit
I'm on twitter personally 5:30-7am Mexico City & online in general 5:30-8:30pm daily

Read & Implement
Blog Profits Blueprint Yaro Starak
Internet Marketing (first 4 weeks) Jeremy Shoemaker

Start List
Create Giveaway info product
Create cushion of 21 unpublished posts

Maintain automation & focus
Maintain interaction
Improve Quality of Followers *

*For example, now one of my reciprocal followers is someone with NO bio, NO pic, NO updates and over a thousand followers. I don't need to be one. The account is just a digit, no content.

Create a static niche site

Read about Members Only Site
Yaro Starak
Ryan Deiss

You've read MY June intentions...what are YOUR intentions for June? (",)

If you'd like to be part of my June MasterMind Alliance and if you'd like me to be part of yours feel free to become one of my Yahoo IM contacts. You ca find me with mangosofia@ yahoo dot com

Consider Your Death

Let the inevitability of your death motivate you to consciously and deliberately use the finite life-time you've got left.

From my long tweet to a twitter friend
May I suggest that you consider your death. Pretend that in 75 (or any number you choose) years you will be dead. Pretend that you have 75 (or any number you choose) years more to live. What do you want to do? What do you want to have? Where do you want to be? WHAT WILL THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE BE? Consider that, as you imagine it, as you would like it to be. Write it down. That's what I suggest.

I see myself as optimally fit and in a household self sufficient in food, water & electricity...premium internet fertile mountains with a view of the sea...I'll re-visit and revise this post at regular intervals.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wake Up Productive

6 Step Morning Routine

  1. Wake Up and Feel Good Invision Future Me
  2. Drink about 2c/500ml water
  3. Get Up and Tidy Space
  4. Brush Teeth & Wash Up
  5. Exercise
  6. Plan Day then Take Action
How to Structure your Day
40% Lead Generation ~Putting leads in front of Products (Driving Traffic)
30% Improve Conversion Rates ~Create/Improve Content & Conversion Rates
30% Business Management ~Administraive tasks

Instead of creating a new list everyday I will create a Master to do list on Friday drop each task into one of the above categories and then start from the top and tackle one task at a time and work on it until it is finished. As new tasks come up I'll add them to the list in the appropriate category.

What I am sure will develop is a "routine" in each category so I'll do the "oe time" task and then do the daily dailies in each category.

To increase productivty I will use a tiimer so that every 90 minutes I am taking a break for 10-20 minutes to stretch, play, walk outside, drink water, whatever

I stumbled upon Matty Thompsons recording of his MLM Goldmine 90 Day is Day 1

I would love to do Wake Productive Home Study Course. Now I have access to Dennis Karganilla's 90 Say Challenge by using this: to search Youtube daily Dennis Karganilla 90 Day Challenge "Day 1"

I can do this daily and then record my activity on that particular day of the challenge.
In fact, for June I haven't decided which project to focus on other than to know "it's not a numbers game". My aim is NOT to get Twitter followers.

I DO intend to go through and implement one of the following:
  1. Wake Up Productive Home Study Course ($)
  2. Dennis Karganilla (time to scour You Tube looking for clues and piecing together what the heck the challenge was-90 steps!)
  3. Darren Rowse (comes in email, one step per day for 31 days)SofiaMiller31Days to Building a BetterBlog (Darren Rowse aka Problogger)
  4. John Chow (downloadable ebook)SofiaMillerJohn Chow's free ebook "How to Make Money Online" ~ top of his sidebar above fold, can't miss it!
  5. Yaro Starak (downloadable multimedia ebook)SofiaMiller~POSSIBLE~ game for June: Yaro's Blog Profits Blueprint ... Read More:
  6. Jeremy Shoemaker (comes in email one chapter per day for 30-90 days I don't remember)
And I do intend to have at least ONE collaborative project with at least one of my TwitterFriends b/c ultimately I do want to have a masterind alliance in the sense of the phrase made famous by Napoleon Hill in The 17 Principles.

At this point I'm leaning towards Yaro Starak's Blogging for Profits plus two niche on migraines and one on interior air quality or some other narrow niche...oh yeah and I want to create an information product...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I Got 5,000 Folllowers in 30 Days

Well, that's the working title and the content is based on my experience this month (May 2009). I opened this account on Apriil 27 and I began this challenge on May 1.

I wantED to write an ebook about my experience and GIVEAWAY for FREE a blueprint that anyone can follow to achieve similar results.

If you are interested in an advaced copy send me an email at mangosofia at yahoo dot com, subect line FREE E BOOK.

I am travelling so there may be a few days lapse the blog updates. In the comments or in tweets to me, feel free to indicate topic you'd like covered in future blog posts. :)

Let's check the numbers at midnight, Mexico City time. Thanks for your generous support.

following 4874 and being followed by 4871 at 11:39pm Short by 129! Not bad but not cigar. So maybe the working title should be
"How I Got 4871 Twitter Followers in ONE Month!"