Friday, May 22, 2009

4 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

Link to a website that sells stuff or links to stuff for sale
For example I could link to my blog that has something for sale in the upper right hand corner.

Link to a salespage
For example I could write about what search engine optimization is and then with a text link take the reader to the sales page of Aaron Wall's SEO Handbook, an industry standard.

Tweet affiliate links
As a member of several affiliate advertising brokers, I could just select a product, make a tiny URL and tweet it along with an interesting title or "hook" line. Here are some places you can get affiliate links, once you become an affiliate. Generally you are paid via PayPal once you have earned a certain level of commission. Amazon Clickbank

Tweet from twtad, now called revad
I started doing this once a day about mid-month. It is painless and because I tweet so much I don't believe I appear to be a spam factory~spitting out ads like hotcakes.

Do you tweet ads? Why? Why not?