Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twitter Spam: Love It, Leave It or Ignore It

Joanne_Dora@SofiaMiller & unfollow everyone who's every 2nd tweet is trying to sell me something or how 2 increase my followers - not why I'm here...

twiddledout@SofiaMiller SICK OF IT.. NEED SPAM FILTERS!!

Joanne_Dora@SofiaMiller You know for the 1st while I didn't even know what spam was and then Bam! it hit me;)& once every 24 is fair f interactive peep

MichaelPecken@SofiaMiller I look thru the posts before I add anyone to follow. The commercial stuff has to be a small percentage or forget it.

"Spam" was the "junk mail" of email inboxes. You know, the emails you didn't ask for, from people generally you didn't know, asking you to buy something. "Spam" however has broadened in meaning over time. Generally it means someone is trying to sell something to masses of people with clever text & presentation & testimonials... Also for some people SPAM means something that is misleading, that is false.

BaxyBoy INFO: If you get an email warning you not to eat tinned pork because of swine flu, ignore it... it's spam!

Now because of the broad meaning of spam some people are confused

JoostBoers just receives a Swedish newsletter of a software supplier. Can't figure out if it acutally is a newsletter or spam

A newsletter that is sent to masses of people, unasked for by those people, that gives you the opportunity to buy something, is spam. However it may actually be spam that is telling the truth and giving you useful and honest information. That's of course my opinion.

By the way, TweetLater offers a paid service in which you can "mute" the people your ar following and select only those people whose tweets you want to show up in your timeline.

Me? This month of May 2009 is a numbers game. The target is 5,000 reciprocal followers. Maybe in the future for every new reciprocal over 5,000 I will weed out one of the tweeple who just spews ads and quotes day in and day out. I find the ads and the quotes to be a waste of time. ;)

Whatever "spam" means to you, how do you feel about receiving spam in your timeline?


copbuff said...

If I got rid of all my spammers I would have no friends! LOL Just kidding it is rediculous the amount of spammers. Every few minutes they post another way to make money and get rich. Crazy