Friday, May 1, 2009

Nice, Interesting, Funny and Sad Tweets

So far I have chosen to follow 402 people and 67 people have chosen to follow me. I can see all the tweets of the people that I follow, unless there is a little padlock icon next to their name.

Here are a few tweets of some of the nice and interesting people I have met so far:

AroundTheCollar@SofiaMiller I just watched the video shared of that talented 12 yr old. Thanks for sharing it.Thanks for following Around the Collar

yangmu@SofiaMiller I am in WuHu city ,AnHui province.It is in China east central. Anhui Normal University has the most foreign student .

twittacat@SofiaMiller thanks for the idea to write a book. Give little girls aspirations. Its hard having gf as the only show to relate to

AKtexan@SofiaMiller it's in the middle of the water. we work 12 hours/day 4 14 days. food comes in on a chopper and is good prime rib shrimp etc.

and then there is funny stuff too...

JAYMEROXANNStomach full of wings, wish I had someone to snuggle up with. Oh well. Back to writing.
lol a tummy full of wings!

meisha33064is anyone watching this celtic and bulls!
funny because EVERYONE was watching and funny because WHO STILL watches TV?

and sometimes a bit sad...

AndyLove people like me need to no that being gay IS ok - back in high school and middle school i was beat up almost everyday bc i was gay

What was a nice, interesting, funny or sad tweet that you've seen recently? Please post in comments. Thank you. :)