Saturday, May 2, 2009

Numbers Game on Twitter

So far I have chosen to follow 604 people and 82 people have chosen to follow me. I can see all the tweets of the people that I follow, unless there is a little padlock icon next to their name.

My 3 day statistics:
following: 605
followers: 93
updates: 191

Guess who has decided to follow 200 new people every day and write at least 50 updates?

Why? Because I want 5,000 to follow me. If I follow them and genuinely interact with them I believe that they will reciprocate. This will be fun...this IS fun! :)

I'm not alone, a lot of people are into the numbers...

peaceloveCHANEL I've gained about 18 followers today ! Woooo hoo!
CocaCola65 imean me and Cul8Er_97 want more followers spread the word
rabbijonesI'm now following 181 people. I'm on quest to follow a million!
Of course for me it's not just numbers.

It's the conversations with others or with self! The out of the blue statments!

As you saw from yesterday's post people are tweeting about all kinds of stuff: nice, interesting, funny, sad. It's the interactions that I find so irresistable.

Do YOU have any number goals for May? Let me know in the comments! We can encourage each other.


Batman said...

My goal for me on Twitter is to make The Experiment a success. I could tell you exactly what The Experiment is, however, that would skew the results, if you knew what I was doing....