Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rudeness, Crudeness and Lewdness on Twitter

If I find someone's tweets offensive I will delete them from the list of people that I follow and I will block them so that they cannot follow me. The Empress might say, "Off with their heads." lol.

Intending to offend, shock & offend is both rude and unacceptable. (I deleted the offender so I don't have an example handy)

Profanity is too crude for me. PLUS it is downright annoying.
I just woke up....I hate unknown callers...I don't answer them shits

Lewd is a username mastura1 whose real name is Asialicious who links to a blog whose homepage is an undressed woman or one curled up looking vulnerable in a bathtub. Whatever. .
Lewd is a scantily dressed profile picture or a user name that is associated with horney women or women who sell sex or give it away. Hey, these are just my definitions. lol. No need to get worked up over this. :)

  1. Free Porn Guy-Mr SexFreePornGuy / Free Porn Guy-Mr SexThe Twitter Free Porn + XXX Hunter! This is what I do...
  2. ALLXCLUB Sex MoneyALLXME / ALLXCLUB Sex Money$100 Billion Industry, Company is 3 Months Old, Looking for Individuals Interested in being Members & Owners! Own Adult, without being in Adult!
  3. Sex StuffSexPortal / Sex StuffDiscussing, reviewing and playing with many of the sex toys that we all want! Wanna Play?
  4. Sex, Etc.Sexetc / Sex, Etc.You have questions about sex, love and relationships. Sex, Etc. has answers.
  5. sex_tips_sexysex_tips_sexy
  6. Gay sex porn moviesgay_xxx / Gay sex porn moviesFree gay sex and gay porn videos; full-length gay movies only. The best gay XXX videos and movies online.
  7. Have better Sexhavebettersex / Have better SexA group of ladies (and a couple of men!) who believe we should all have the sex we deserve!
  8. sex_onlinesex_online

The above, granted, are extremely obvious. Others, I have come across require looking at their tweet history and linked webpage to realize what's going on.

So...even though numbers are one of the things I am going for, I DO give the axe to rudeness, crudeness and lewdness.

What is unacceptable to YOU in anyone that you follow and/or that follows you?


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