Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reciprocity on Twitter

LORI_SF@SofiaMiller Great tool that I use to help keep up on my Follow/Follower ratio is 'Your Twitter Karma' Check it out http://bit.ly/15T6PE

Here are a couple...
http://www.mytweeple.com/, http://buzzom.com/

What has become my tool of choice, of late, is http://buzzom.com/ and it is in beta with the name: InTwit TwitIn Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

It is a single page interface which allows you:

  • to flush from your followers all those who are not folloiwing you,
  • to reciprocate with those who are following you, and
  • to grow your list by following those suggested to you by their software.

Reciprocity is common. I reciprocate with everyone. I will unfollow and block, even after reciprocation, those whose spam or language or profile pic annoys me. Remember rude, crude or lewd?

The reason I "block" after unfollowing someone is that so many of us have bots working for us--yours truly included-- and very likely we will be paired once again if this block is not in place.