Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Week Review

Feedback Tweets:
TraVerusBizAZLove your blog and the Twitter applications. I'm following your blog.
KorrineB@SofiaMiller I checked out ur blog. U def r a serious twitterer.
tcatlett@SofiaMiller I just took a look at your blog. Very cool. You stand out of the crowd. (In a good way)
bscopes what can i do for you Sofia ?ReallyShecky@SofiaMiller Do not be fooled by the glossy lipstick....this is a woman of substance and intelligence...worth your follow! #FollowFriday
TomPlant@SofiaMiller You're very welcome. You write good stuff.

Target Numbers:
Micole_@SofiaMiller my goal for May is to study and pass one of my teacher test so wish me luck!

My goal for May is 5,000 reciprocal followers. Everytime I do the math I get different results. lol. Of course that's because I ask different questions and consider different variables each time. :)

Prediction: (May 15th...)
I will be following 2,500
I will have 2,500 followers
I will have 1,400 tweets

I follow: ________1874________
I am followed by __________1831__________
I have
_________1121___________ tweets

For me to reach the "ideal" prediction I will need to follow 626 more and be followed by 669 more. I have no idea how many tweets this will take but for sure it will need a handfull of very magnetic topics.

At first glance it seems like a lot to me however 3 days of 223 additional reciprocal followers each day will do the trick. That I can do, with your help. :)

People to Follow says it all. I updated that list a few yesterday using the FollowFriday app to highlight the people with whom I have the most interaction through conversation, retweets or other honorable mention.

So, how is it going with you? Is your life on Twitter unfolding as you wanted? What is your Twitter game plan? How's it going so far?