Friday, May 15, 2009

Screen Shot of Stats

So here's the deal...if May 15 is the mid-point...and if the growth is linear...then today 2,500 reciprocal followers would be right on target.

Here is the screenshot--to be taken and uploaded before I go to sleep. :)

Here are some techniques I am using:

  1. TweetLater for auto thank you and auto follow
  2. Me personally, auto follow, no thank you
  3. Following EARLY followers of Oprah
  4. (Idea: Stopped due to too often weird or no response; re-start and write to them)
  5. Participation in FollowFriday using FollowFriday app
  6. Participation in FollowFriday following everyone's recomm endations
  7. (Idea: Follow my top people's top people)
  8. RT tweets and following the tweeter
  9. Tweets Near You to RT and follow random people
  10. Twit Pro Quo
  11. (Idea: Advertise it once or twice a day)
  12. InRev TwitIn
  13. (Idea: Stopped using it for growth because restriced tweeps get cuaght in endless loop)
  14. (Unrelated Idea: Follow latest page of followers of my top people AND write to them or RT them)
  15. Using seach box with keyword for RT followed by following of tweeter