Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christmas in June? Christmas...WHENEVER!

When I get rich, ima just buy ppl on twitter things they want. Don't over do it though.

@SolarAvada Can I add my name to the list? Do I send you a list of what I want, Santa SolarAvada? You let me know. :)

@SofiaMiller of course. =)

So, here's my list any one or more would be greatly appreciated. (",)

  • Flip camera
  • Portable Solar oven
  • zero credit card debt ($6k)
  • zero personal debt ($2.5k + $3.5k)
  • 25 ounces of silver
  • 25 ounces of gold
  • private land transportation
  • transportation to Chiang Mai
  • Rosetta Stone Language Courses (Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, German, Arabic)
  • 4 consecutive weeks at Klinik Leonardis
  • handpowered blender
  • small farm in the hills overlooking the sea--self sufficent in food, water and electricity

Check with me before you surprise me, I may have already taken care of whatever you had in mind. :)