Monday, June 8, 2009

Homemade Vitamin Water

This is called "agua" in Mexico. When someone offers you "agua" in Mexico it may not actually be a glass of clear drinking water but rather water with a single blended fruit. Papaya, watermelon, and guava are all popular. Generally, these are strained before serving. The melons however don't really need straining to have a smooth, non-grainy texture.


Water (fit to drink)
Melon (your choice)
Sweetner (your choice)

Remove melon rind. Remove seeds if desired. Cut melon into small chunks suitable to put in a blender. Have an empty pitcher or 4L/1Gal empty water jug with funnel available. Blend the melon chunks with water. You may have severl blender-pitcherfuls. :) Make as dilute or concentrated as you like. Sweeten to taste.

If you make more than you can consume in 3 hours you might want to refrigerate to keep from spoiling.


Anonymous said...

Aguas frescas - You can always ask for agua natural if you like. My favourite agua de limon
Really cold or agua de orchata.
Greetings from Querétaro México

Anonymous said...

Armando! Thanks for your comment. Good info: "agua natural" vs "agua fresca". I have ice cold agua fresca (pineapple) today. Horchata is probably one of my favorites, too. (@SofiaMiller))

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