Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adult Play

We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing~Shaw (via @MarvinTowler via @Java4Two)

So for sure part of our reverse-aging lifestyle, @LORI_SF, could be PLAY! and although I make my work online a game, my housework a game, it's not quite PHYSICAL enough, not quite laughin-out-loud-often-enough! So...

...while in Mexico from this day forward I will seek and find a dog or child to play tag with for 10 to 20 minutes every day. (Mexico is full of children and dogs so this'll be easy)

What games do you play, physical or otherwise, that make you laught bring you joy?

spornaso@SofiaMiller if this is an open response, then mine are scrabble, nertz (card game), bridge, canasta, boggle, risk, cubris 2, & free cell.

moon@SofiaMiller I play Twitter

spreadingjoy@SofiaMiller I think of myself as a grownup kid. I love games, amusement pks, reading and having fun. I know fun has its place but luv it

spreadingjoy@SofiaMiller I love playing with my kids 18 & 14 - but my 18yr old says I'm starting to throw like a girl..LOL. I try and have fun everyday

ellenfeinbergHey Sofia - i read your blog - love it - I don't have kids but I play with other peoples children all the time - it's so much fun.

Yep, me too Ellen. It IS so much fun!
BoomerWoman@SofiaMiller Read your blog. Games? Lately, I've been playing the card came UNO a couple of times a week.

Great. Thanks.

Feel free to leave comments here. No more post updates from copy and pastes from Twitter. ;)


Batman said...

Always Texas Hold 'em on Facebook. Laugh at how people play their play money, and wonder if they'd do the same thing if it were real....