Friday, May 29, 2009

Just for the Record...

@SofiaMiller gets my bronze #FollowFriday recommendation, simply because if she reaches 5K followers by the 31st, she'll write a book ...

@MatchesMalone You're funny. "WHEN" not "if" ! Oh, and I WAS planning on giving it away for free. 5k without BUYING anything from anybody

MatchesMalone@SofiaMiller Well, you've got two plus what's left of this day to get over 550.... Free books are cool. I'll even do a review for you :)

This person has 1990 followers, his/her start date was 9 July 2007. This person,imho, doesn't want to "review" the book, he/she wants to STUDY the book, lol. (Well it will be a recipe worth implementing if more Twitter followers is one's aim.)

It's all good, my TwitterFriend @MatchesMalone. (Revel in all of this back-link love) But lighten up on the jabs. As you see from this post, I'm easily distracted and I've got work to do! You wouldn't want to be non-supportive of a Twitter Buddy, now would you? lol

Anyway here we are...
589 to go BETWEEN today Friday 11:17AM Mexico City time to Sunday 11:50PM Mexico City time.

I can do it, you can do it, we can do it!

Thank you for all of your support and TwitterLove. Next month will NOT be a number-of-Twitter-followers game. But I'll keep tweeting the good stuff. Promise. ;)

...Shaheen Jafargholi! Yes!!!