Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Exercise Should I Do to Lose 10 Pounds?

EdEntrepreneur@SofiaMiller What is the best exercise for a guy over 40 that wants to shed 10 pounds?

@EdEntrepreneur Given that everyone is different...I would suggest eating less and maintaining your current level of motion,


eating less and increasing your level of motion by incorporating extra motion into your day such as know taking stairs instead of elevators, parking further away from where you are going, interrupting your activity every 90 minutes and going outside for a brief walk and some air, etc.

You could eat less by only eating when you are hungry and stopping when in fact you are not hungry. This happens waaay before that "stuffed" feeling. lol

I lost at least 10 poound in 10 days by eating ONCE every other day. But I don't recommend that.

If you insist on a specific "exercise" to loose weight do ANYTHING (any motion) that you will actually STICK WITH and DO.

Additonal expenditure of energy with the same amount (or less) of (food) consumed will mean that your body, necessarily, has to look to it's own flesh for the energy deficit.

Get it? Let me know if this was helpful, if it made sense to you.

Thanks for the question. I'll incorporate it into my blog.

This was Ed's response:
EdEntrepreneur@SofiaMiller That is very good advice. It is simple and uses plain Common Sense! My kind of diet... http://is.gd/CKVR

I assume he is selling something. So what. If curious check the link and use YOUR common sense.

Ask questions, find your own answers. You can be your own authority. The answers to the questions that you ask, that really matter to you, will be most important to you so don't rely on anyone else. You've got more at stake than they do.


Vinti Vaid said...

Easy to use practical advice :)