Saturday, May 30, 2009

BioTweet (n.) (v.)

So what is a "BioTweet". It is a way I introduce all who follow me to a fellow Twitterer by tweeting the content of his/her Twitter bio.

Here is what happens when I biotweet:

Some biotweeted ME!
loopy2cute bio of @SofiaMiller Focus on fitness + personal development. Avid student of sustainability + communities. Right back at ya! :)

Some biotweeted OTHER PEOPLE (making me a trendsetter once again)

Budjette Bio of @dbgrady "Novelist, freelance writer and columnist. Former US Army paratrooper and war vet. New father and really tired" :-)

moomettesgram Bio of JoyntHeir, Author of Be The Weight You Want

Some RTd my biotweets

FreeBeing RT @SofiaMiller Bio of @ammafrida I am from Iceland and live on a small farm there

amirk25 RT @SofiaMiller: Bio of @howtostayfit your personal fitness trainer. Just follo... Read More:

RandomReTwitRT @SofiaMiller bio of @wecomparebooks Grad student and owner of a textbook comparison site. Save tons of cash!

And then some gave me direct feedback

IHospitalitySam@SofiaMiller Hey Sofia - how is your Saturday night? Still diggin' the bio posting idea.

RishiTalreja @SofiaMiller You do a nice thing by including the bio of people you recommend..more people should start doing that :)

From today's flurries of biotweeting:

dcoakley@SofiaMiller What did I do to deserve such a nice gesture? A 'biotweet'... nice.

from @dawizonline
@SofiaMiller TY 4 your Tweeting my Bio Sofia. I am now following you as a direct result. Please visit :o)

from @Manchuriano
@SofiaMiller thank's Sofia you're awesome ;)
I got lots of thank you's.

I think this is a great way to build community, familiarity and more cross linkages, cross polinations, more interconnectedness. I will continue to use this at random AND to rave about someone whose tweets I particularly enjoy like Rishi or Matai...both make me laugh out loud. It's great.

What do you think about BioTweets? Do you use them?


John aka @dawizonline said...

Sofia, your idea is HUGE and is very original and, as you said, trend setting.

I can see why a lot of others don't use your method. No offence intended, but they are L-A-Z-Y!It's easier for people to ReTweet than create their own BioTweet.

Maybe you don't advertise it enough? Maybe something for you to think about. :o)

Keep up your FANTASTIC efforts.Recognition is just around the corner. ;o)

Juanita said...

I like it there is a similar thing that was mentioned coupled with #followfriday tweets where you mention the tweep to follow then tell why with a short descriptive of what they tweet like. I like both ideas, it helps you get to know the people who you follow on a more one to one level.

Pat said...

Fabulous idea, wish I'd come up with it! LOL Thanks again, Sofia - you really are a trendsetter. It's a more comprehensive #followfriday. Hope it gets picked up - would like to see it in trending topics soon!