Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am grateful for the people (and their pets) who have chosen to follow me. I am also grateful for the people who have chosen not to follow me.

I am grateful to the dozen or more people who have responded to me when I have responded to them. I am grateful to the conversations.

Then of course I am grateful for the tweets that MADE MY DAY!

ReallyShecky@SofiaMiller that's agressive, but I wouldn't be betting against you!

ReallySheckyI meant every word. You seem very goal oriented, positive, Definietly the kind of person I want to associate with! :)

TomPlant@SofiaMiller You're very welcome. You write good stuff.

thank u so much for the encouraging words I really appreciate it and it was needed. Oh & I read ur blog 2today...funny stuff

carietenzel@SofiaMiller u are awesome!!! Thanks for the words of inspiration!

JaymeROXann@SofiaMiller That is the sweetest compliment that I have ever gotten. Thank you very much. :)

sticky525@SofiaMiller thankyou very much it was a close one, got the win in the final leg woo :

KorrineB@SofiaMiller OMG you're the first person besides my sister to twitter me. Plus ur American so that's a plus

lolo_caty@SofiaMiller .. U are realy sweet girl .. loved u girl :)

Special thank you to Jennie for the photograph of her pet dog. :)

So tell me, what are YOU grateful for?
IHospitalitySam@SofiaMiller grateful for family, home, friends, health, career...
Tournantinc@SofiaMiller Grateful for Life in America.Family. Friends.Pets.Freedom.Health. Creativity.Work.Nature.Twitter mates.Google.Dubli.Military.


Jennie said...

Thank you for having my dog as a cover on your post. Thank you for being a good friend, supporting me thru some painful days.
You make me smile and laugh. My gratitude goes out to you my friend.

Take care! Big hug, Jennie & Tinto (the dog)

Sofi said...

That was so nice of you to say, Jennie...hugs and a bark back to you and your wonderful dog!

Sofi said...

Guy_Vincent@SofiaMiller Grateful 4: The passing moments, all the colors that abound, nature, laughter, avoiding disaster, creativity, spontaneity, ...

Micole_ said...

I am grateful there are still good people in this world. There are still people friends or strangers who can say a few words or give you a smile and not realize the positive impact they have had on them. Thank you to all

Reducer said...

I am grateful for all of my friends...from those on my Yahoo & Google Reducers' groups to those on MySpace, Facebook, & Twitter. And I am quite sure I'm around several other places but too tired to remember them all right now. LOL!
My site is here:
& to find me on my space, look for asimplegoddess. For all the other places just type in LindaReducer or Reducer.
I am most grateful too for my beautiful grandson, Korbin, and you'll know I'm talking about him when I say My Little Man. I post those little things a 2 year old does almost daily on Twitter(when he lets his Ma'amaw get on the computer!)He is quite the handful these days.
If you'd like information about my book, No More Losers, go to Amazon or MobiPocket or
Thank you so much!
With a Smile, Linda-Reducer Walker

Sofi said...

Heart-felt "thank-you" to Micole and to Linda!