Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wolverine Search

Feedback from two of my wonderful twitter friends...

Micole_@SofiaMiller I went to see it today I thought it was good, graphics were good, story like was pretty good too.

tiagolviannaSo...I watched the Wolverine movie, and I liked. I thought a great movie, and I'm so excited about the next.. will be about Magnetto.Awesome

Thank you, Micole! Thank you, Tiago!

Take a look about mid-way on the right hand side of your twitter page. See that search box? Well when you enter "Wolverine" you will see all the tweets that contain that word (ordered from freshest to oldest).

Here's is a series of 3 posts I grabbed just prior to posting this using the aforementioned method:

  1. StiMp4Cks just got home from watching wolverine, mixed feelings about that movie but eh, i saw it so im satisfied. what to do now...gaaa..iguess sleep less than a minute ago from web
  2. DoucheLarue can't sleep. hope i don't get the wolverine flu. it makes steel claws shoot out of your hands. that has severed artery written all over it 1 minute ago from web
  3. astra Apparently Eva liked 'Wolverine' so much she begged me to take her to see it again this weekend. My 9yo daughter likes Wolverine. Go figure. 1 minute ago from twhirl

You can use this search technique for a myriad of purposes:
  • to chime in on what people are saying,
  • to research the current organic buzz on Twitter,
  • to find out information,
  • to identify people that may be able to help you,
  • to identify people you may be able to help,
  • to find gems worthy--from your viewpoint--of re-tweeting
etcetera :)

Today's questions...
What did YOU think of Wolverine?
What have you used the search box for recently?


Tiago Vianna said...
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tiagolvianna said...

You welcome. Sofie, you can count on me =D

Sofi said...

Thanks, Tiago. You're great!