Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Do YOU Choose to Follow on Twitter

Who do YOU choose to follow on Twitter?

I follow people randomly. I follow about 200 new people every day.

Usually I am following people who have a profile picture and who, on the surface, don't seem to be rude, crude or lewd. lol

I interact with the people that appear in my timeline. That includes people that I follow, whether they follow me back or not.

Now if someone reveals something I choose not to tolerate I simply un-follow them and block them from following me.

Basically, I follow people, keep following people, with whom I enjoy conversation, from whom I am learning something or at least I do not cringe when I see their tweets.

Now YOUR turn. Who do YOU choose to follow on Twitter? Old friends, new friends, family members, work collegues, school buddies, celebrities, news broadcasters, and/or others...

By the way,
PLEASE follow Asialicious/mastera1
if she is a good fit with your criteria. :)
Last she told me, she was asking for people to follow her.
I believe she will reciprocate.
Tell her SofiaMiller sent you. :)

Who Do YOU Choose to Follow on Twitter ...and WHY?

Please answer this question candidly in the comments section. (Uh, oh. Looks like I have an issue with my templates HTML because comments are impossible to leave! Ah, too, bad. Tweet me until issue is resolved. Thanks.)


LORI_SF said...

Because with Twitter you're creating your own personal community enviornment, I follow people who share the same interests as myself. I prefer people who are social and respond back to my tweets, because that's what makes the whole Twitter experience so fun and satisfying.

If someone decides to follow me I try to follow them back as a reflection of social etiquette. But might unfollow later if they turn out not to be a good fit. Or if they are soley there to spam and not participate in conversation.


Sofi said...

Thank you! Well put. :)