Friday, May 8, 2009

Tweet Automation...Really?

Today I eliminated everyone who I was following who was not following me. (flush)

And I added everyone who was folowing me who I hadn't returned the favor to yet. (reciprocate)

I performed these two actions with a Twitter application (Twitter app) called InRev TwitIn.

Flush~gets rid of everyone not following you
Grow~introduces you to people you might want to follow you can see their name, profile picture and number of folloers
Reciprocate~allows you to follow all those that are following you and give you the power to include or exclude people from that list. again showing profile pic, name and number of followers.

I used the Grow, too. But I like the Flush and Reciprocate best. Fom now until at least the end of this month (May 2009) I'll be flushing and reciprocating daily. :)

At the end of that process I had the same number of followers as those I was following. We were all mutually reciprocating.

Next, I set up automated thank yous and follows. If someone follows me from now on, I will automatically follow them and send them a thank you note. These two functions were accomplisted with TweetLater.


Please check the sidebar under "Twitter Applications" for "FollowFriday" an app that I used todayy with delight! :) I hope you like it.

What Twitter Apps do YOU use to streamlin your Twitter experience?


Sofi said...

bscopes@SofiaMiller @bscopes uses TweetDeck
Thanks for the input, SteveG! :)

Earl Stevens, PhD said...

Sofia - thanks - you are doing what all of us new-bees are doing. So nice to have a fellow blogger and tweeter. I am PS can't wait to see Wolverine. Nite from Sydney, Australia @ 4.26 am - great friday nite out with a mate from NZ. :)

Sofi said...

Thanks, Earl. My target is 500 reciprocal followers and one post per day in May. :)

On Saturday I intend to use that FollowFriday app to more quickly/accurately update my "People to Follow on Twitter" list.

Enjoy the movie! :)

Furlev said...

Great Blog and great article- very helpful thanks!
Found you through Twitter and look forward to your future tweets and blog posts :D

Anonymous said...

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